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Yazd Rainbow Porphyry

The unique color and natural design of this NEW PORPHYRY stone, beside its natural character and high – resistant put it in center of attraction among architects and designer.
This type of porphyry stone can be produce in both polish type and flame type.
Urban design, walling, flooring, garages, pillars, columns, steps, pools,   interior design, sculpture, fireplaces and …


Chemical Analysis Physical Analysis
SiO2:                                   62.65%
Al2O3:                                 17.00%
Fe2O3:                                  5.25%
CaO:                                     4.14%
Dry Compressive Strength:          628 Kg/cm2
Wet Compressive Strength:           392 kg/cm2
Water absorption:                           1%
Density:                                           2.63 kg/cm2