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Yazd Brown Porphyry

Stone is valued for its appearance, this special natural stone is well-known because of its unique ‌Brown color, and it was prized for various monuments and building projects in Imperial Rome and Later.
The strength of this stone against flaming process makes it an excellent choice for the high friction surfaces, especially for landscaping since it is also unaffected by freezing and thawing condition.
Urban design, surfacing, frontages, flooring, garages, ramps, pillars, columns, steps, pools, interior design, sculpture, fireplaces and …


Chemical Analysis(Red & Brown) Physical Analysis (Red & Brown)
SiO2:                                   72.04%
Al2O3:                                 17.41%
Fe2O3:                                  3.11%
CaO:                                     0.27%
Dry Compressive Strength:         1300 Kg/cm2
Wet Compressive Strength:         1150 kg/cm2
Water absorption:                       0.3%
Density:                                     2.66 kg/cm2